How to Host a Successful Corporate Experience Day

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There’s more to hosting a corporate experience getaway than meets the eye which is why corporate events can be so hit or miss with guests. For a corporate event to be a success, it takes a huge deal of planning and organising: it’s not something your PA can fit in inbetween meetings. That’s why many company directors choose to enlist the help of dedicated corporate event planners to plan their event for them. At Henry Bonas, our event planners have over 20 years of experience in putting on bespoke corporate events and parties so we know how to make sure your event is more hit than miss! Here’s what we recommend:

1. Define Your Objectives

The first step to hosting a successful corporate experience is to understand the aim or purpose of the event. That way, your guests, whether they are staff, colleagues or clients, can all be invested from the start. It might be to promote team-building, to discuss a senior level strategy meeting or you might be inviting prospective clients to share in your long-term vision – whatever the reason, make sure everyone knows why they are invited and then keep your objective in mind to help inform the rest of the event. 


2. Choose a Suitable Location

Once you have defined the purpose behind your corporate event, you can start to look at locations that might be suitable. For example, if it’s to reward staff with some rest and relaxation, a corporate venue in the Cotswolds that includes a woodland retreat by a lake would be ideal, such as Sezincote House. If it’s to talk about strategy or sales, a more dynamic setting in the heart of the City might be better. Other things to consider are the number of guests, accommodation requirements and transport options to and from the event. At Henry Bonas, we work with a number of corporate event venues in London and the Cotswolds so we can help you plan for any type of event.


3. Pay Extra Attention to the Catering

Food and drink are at the heart of any memorable event, whether it’s for a 50th birthday party or a boardroom presentation. Don’t be tempted to skimp with stodgy sandwiches from the supermarket – if you put on a decent spread, your attendees will appreciate the extra effort and attention to detail. And it’s vital that you cater for all dietary needs and requirements.


4. Offer Activities that Everyone will Enjoy

You may be an excellent paddle boarder but some of your guests will hate the thought of having to put on a wetsuit in front of their colleagues. Be mindful that not everyone will enjoy the same sort of team-building activities, so be prepared to offer a variety. At Henry Bonas, we always offer a schedule of bespoke activities to suit all tastes, from canoeing and crafting to climbing and cocktail-making.


5. Provide Value to your Guests

Make sure the purpose of your corporate getaway is front of mind when arranging the programme of events. You need to give people a reason to attend that equates to more than just having a few drinks with their colleagues. So consider including keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive sessions that align with your goals and provide value to your attendees. Our event planners can help to make these arrangements.


6. Keep to a Schedule

Even though you’re out of the office, it’s really important to remember that your guests are still on work time. For that reason they will appreciate being kept informed about the running order of the day and the timings of the event. Adhering to the schedule can be difficult when you want to be part of the action, so at Henry Bonas, we take care of all arrangements, making sure everything runs smoothly and on time. This means everyone can enjoy the day without having to think about what’s coming next.


7. Don’t Forget the Fun

Fun is a key ingredient in any successful corporate getaway. But when you organise your own event, it can be easy to get so caught up in the details that you don’t have the time or space to relax and actually enjoy the day. That’s when it can help to employ the experts. Our corporate event planners will do all the hard work for you, from the planning and organisation of the events and activities to the running of the day itself. That way you can focus on what’s really important – making sure your guests enjoy their experience.

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Alice Smith

Alice joined us in 2022, and works alongside Henry in the delivery of our luxury weddings, parties and bespoke events across the Cotswolds and London, making sure every detail of your celebration is taken care of. Having started out as a luxury Chalet Host in the French Alps, she has nearly 6 years experience in the hospitality and events industry. She's always on the look out for the latest trends, and loves to bring a party to life with world-class entertainment.

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