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Parties are not just all about drinking and dancing – food plays a huge part in bringing your guests together and contributing to the vibe of your party. We’ve worked with some extraordinarily talented and creative chefs who know how to make a statement with their luxury party foods. Read on for the latest in party food inspiration:


Luxury Party Food Ideas

Michelin-starred tasting menu

Thanks to Heston Blumenthal there’s been a craze in tasting menus, and they are a really great way for a chef to show off his or her ingenuity. What guest isn’t delighted by the artistry of creations such as raspberry coulis pebbles bathed in a liquid nitrogen mist, or fennel dust sprinkled over ceviche? Following the obligatory amuse-bouches, tasting menus are typically anything from five to seven courses in length. That makes them ideal for more intimate parties where the focus is on the food. Pair a tasting menu with a wine flight, where your guests are served a specially-selected wine to go with each course, and you’re set up for a long and memorable evening!


Street food stalls

If you want your party to have a more informal, sociable vibe, then go for street food. Already a growing trend around the country, street foods are celebrated because they bring so many different flavours to the party. Ethiopian lentil stew, Mexican burritos, Sri Lankan roti; Moroccan falafels, Thai noodles, the choice of party food ideas is endless. All cooked up in converted wagons, horse boxes or tuk-tuks, they lend a funky, fun atmosphere to proceedings. And don’t think that because these foods are served out of the back of vans they suffer in quality – these foods are created with as much passion, talent and authenticity as any fine dining restaurant.


Over the coals

Everyone loves a flame-grilled burger, but cooking outdoors can be even more show-stopping than that. BBQs are a great way to cook for the masses, and we work with some exceptional chefs who know their way around the coals, cooking up anything from seafood paella and peri peri kebabs to prawn tempura.

Depending on the theme of your party, cooking over an open fire is also a good way to add to the visual drama. For example, we have erected spit roasts for a Mediaeval Banquet and Tudor-themed party.  And we even arranged for Argentenian chefs to cook an asado feast for a client’s Gaucho-themed party – this involved creating open fire pits, or parillas, where the chefs could conjure up asado beef and lamb dishes for guests to enjoy.


Creative canapes

There’s a reason why canapes are the ultimate luxury party food. As food trends come and go, canapes are the ideal way to show that you are ahead of what’s current. Leave the mini fish and chips and Yorkshire puddings to the noughties – this year it’s all about foraged finger foods. Mini wild mushroom toasties with truffle oil or garden vegetables served with edible soil in terracotta pots, these luxury party food ideas are about keeping it local and sustainable.

But that’s not the only reason we love canapes. Every good party needs a focal point and canapes make great conversation starters, especially at the start of proceedings. Plus they can be eaten on the move, so you won’t stop the flow of the party by having to seat your guests. We recommend canapes for larger parties, where guests can mingle, move and make new connections while enjoying great-tasting finger foods.


Interactive food experiences

One of the growing trends we have seen in luxury party food ideas is that of immersive catering. Hosts want to create experiences for guests that go beyond the usual dining and drinking, but where food remains firmly at the heart of the party. That might be in the form of interactive stations where guests can create their own tacos or roll their own sushi; shuck their own oysters or mix their own cocktails.

Or it might be a cookery class with a celebrity chef where guests are first taught to cook and are then invited to sit and enjoy the meal they have created together. As well as adding drama and an element of surprise to a party, the main emphasis is about creating personalised experiences that all guests can share for years after.


Looking for more luxury party food ideas?

There is no question that food brings people together, which is why it is such a key element to any party. We have provided high end party food for events for over 20 years, staying ahead of latest trends and food developments. If you would like to discuss luxury food ideas for your party, do get in touch.



Alice Smith

Alice joined us in 2022, and works alongside Henry in the delivery of our luxury weddings, parties and bespoke events across the Cotswolds and London, making sure every detail of your celebration is taken care of. Having started out as a luxury Chalet Host in the French Alps, she has nearly 6 years experience in the hospitality and events industry. She's always on the look out for the latest trends, and loves to bring a party to life with world-class entertainment.

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